Zen in Movement

From home or anywhere place you can do Zen Meditation with me. at TV, PC, IPAD, PHONO

Zen have four Powers

Zen is Meditation. Meditation which can be done with myself (the Zen master), with a group fellow Zen students or by one’s self. Zen through meditation seeks the present moment; stopping precisely there; seeking complete emotional wellbeing at this time. Meditation helps us control our rhythm and our breathing which helps us achieve this ideal ‘present’. Zen helps us strengthen our inner energy which results in increased vigor and a better attitude in our daily lives. Zen can also greatly boost our performance in particular sports or activities.


Zen is present everywhere and at all times. Zen is present in each movement we make. It is always guiding any mental or physical action we perform.

To be able to achieve the tranquility and peace that Zen can induce in us we must learn to achieve rhythm and control in our KI breathing. This will allow us to feel and understand the sensibility of our movements and of our communication in our daily life. Zen is self improvement aimed at our daily tasks and activities.

If we are able to control our breathing we will be able to comprehend the ‘present moment’ in any given situation. That right there is Zen.

Zen will change our life; it will help us build our ‘present’ and also construct our future, help us shape how we want to feel in future moments. When those future moments come we will realize how our past meditation helped us shape these moments. This will indicate to us that this current ‘present’ was deliberately custom made by us through Zen.

With Zen in Motion you will find peace, tranquility, and you will acquire patience, a key value in the motion of our daily lives.


Zen in Motion draws a lot from philosophy and Japanese Martial Arts. Zen helps us control our body, mind, inner energy and our spirituality, which as a result gives us control of our defensive and offensive techniques. These techniques should have character and be decisive.

Zen in Movement is composed of four (4) powers:

Any individual that possesses these 4 powers and has the ability to comprehend and apply them. Zen in Movement applies these powers in the meditating individual.

Zen in Movement’s Four Powers

Jipsu: The mental power to control our environment and any situation around us



Shin: The mental power ‘to do’




Ki: The inner power, the inner energy, how we can utilize this is in our motions to increase their efficiency


Waza: It is the body, which we train through Zen to help us perform our actions or techniques of interest more efficiently