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You can practice the physical aspect of golf at home. The goal of this physical practice is to develop muscle memory in our big muscle groups for the relevant movements in our game. This applies even to the most physically simple part of the game: putting. The physical simplicity of putting makes it an ideal starting point to begin the physical practice and muscle memory development in our game. Examples of muscle memory include learning the intensity and velocity in which we must make physical movements for different shots in golf. Learning proper golf technique through Zen is composed of Memory+Energy+Muscle, in other words Mind+ Inner Energy+ use of the body.

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It’s essential to know how to properly breathe and intake oxygen for our inner body. Once we can achieve this we will be able to perform detailed physical movements at the same rhythm as KI Breathing. This in turn will bring peace, tranquility, and calmness to our mind. This calmness enables us to putt using the proper physical technique. We will swing the putter back and forth at the rhythm of our breathing, following the specific instructions of my online tutorials.

Your putting stroke RoUTINa

Once you visualize your whole routine, do your pre-routine following the steps below.

Physical Pre-R0utine;

Visualize the 3 points of the IAM aiming technique:    1- = Aim IAM with your eyes      2-Put your right foot at a 90 degree angle to your starting line of ball    3-Place your putter in place behind the ball aiming IAM in the starting line of ball 4-IAM Place your left foot parallel to your right foot  5- Grip the club with both hands   6- Find a comfortable distance to stand away from the ball (and keep it consistent going forward), 7-Eyes should be over the ball when readily setup, 8- Check that your knees are bent, your back is straight, and your eyes are over the ball, 9- Now you have the correct physical setup.

mental Pre-Routine:

Once your preroutine is completed and you are ready you must use your calmness to control your emotions. This will enable you to control the speed of your back and down swing. The speed of the backswing should always be constant. However in the downswing we always accelerate and the rate of this acceleration is determined by the distance we have to the flag and the speed of the green which we are hitting into.

indoor Putting Training:

In indoor putting training you will begin to understand the link between your mind and body when gripping the putter, and the sensibility of your hands as they grip the putter. When practicing, the putter should feel as an extension of your arms; a natural part of your body. This phenomenon will allow you to begin building muscle memory of the putting stroke, other words this will allow your big muscles to learn the proper technique and rhythm of the putting stroke. After this muscle memory is created the mind will allow one to perform the correct putting stroke instinctively and naturally, which will accordingly give your putting a lot of confidence and performance.


This is the first virtue we will acquire in Indoor Putting Training. We have to take our time, calmly performing our Routine and pre-Routine. This patience will help you develop body and mind connection and once you start to achieve this connection you will possess a lot more control over your putting. Your progress depends on your effort and the more you practice the stronger the mind body connection you will achieve. As you practice more and more you will start have a better and better sense of the mind body and also putter connection, the triangle, and you will be able to synchronize the three better and better for improved putting.


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