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After the indoor practice it is time to face the wind, sun, the undulating greens, and all the added environmental factors of Outdoor Zen Putting Practice. Go to the putting green at your home course and continue your training seeking to incorporate calmness, tranquility, and peace into your movements.

Now that you’ve watched the video I instructed it is time to apply its concepts. Pick a hole to practice at and read the green’s slope around it. Begin with a few practice swings in the instructed manner to get properly warmed up. As you warm up you will begin to feel the mind body and putter connection just as you did in the indoor putting practice.

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Become Members our Zen in Movement

When you bring the balls into play and start to actually hit putts consider the following:

Go through your Pre-routine and Routine for every putt:

1-IAM aim the putt. As you finish the pre-routine keep in mind three important IAM aiming steps:


a: IAM aim with your eyes

         b: IAM aim with the putter head

         c: IAM aim with the alignment of both feet to the line you want to start the putt on

2-Place your right foot at a 90 degree angle to the direction in which you wish your putt to start at

3-Grip the putter with your right hand, place the putter head behind the ball and check you IAM aim is correct

4- Setup your left foot parallel to your right one and perpendicular to the direction in which you want your ball to start

5-grip the putter with your left hand

6- Setup your body: Straight and tilted back, firm and bent knees, elbows tucked in and touching your ribs.

7-Your eyes should be setup directly over the ball

8- Swing your putter as you try to feel connected to it, once again as if it’s just a natural extension of your arms (Note: you can do a practice swing before rolling the ball)


Additional Notes:

1- Personalizing your pre-routine is not a problem and can be beneficial. Once you hit each putt remember to backup and go through your pre-routine and routine once again

2- Make sure to find a comfortable distance to stand between you and the ball and keep it consistent

3- Break up your practice into 10 shot mini sessions and record the result of each putt. In this way you will be able to track your progress through the mini sessions. I wish you the best of luck with your putting progress and I hope that Zen in Movement helps you develop the sense of union of your putter, hands and mind to maximize your putting performance.