Zen in Movement is...      Meditation in Movement

Through the videos I can get to you and your family. From there can do Zen meditation with me on the TV, Ipad, Tablet, Phone.

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Is a form of meditation from Japan, in which one attempts to perform the meditation in motion at the time of combat; it is the mental state of absolute concentration in combat. It is the moment in which we must attack, protect, and defend ourselves from any attack we face for the purpose of our survival.

I have been practicing Karate-do for more 50 years. It was through this activity that I started practicing meditation and I now practice it more generally; for other sports I play, for everyday tasks, and especially for my golf game and for the purpose of instructing my golf students. From a mental perspective golf is very similar to martial arts.

 Zen in movementis readily applicable to the any game or activities. In the martial arts Zen’s role is to synchronize body and mind in action with the inner energy KI. In simpler terms to achieve maximum performance and results in each technique.  Meditation gives us better control of our emotions when we move.

Emotion in the Martial Arts is essential as it dictates many things in our fight ,  such as grip pressure,  rhythm, movement speed etc, therefore learning to control emotion through Zen can dramatically improve our activities. That’s how important mind, body (SHIN-WAZA) synchronization is through that KI energy (KI).

Zen in Motion is to know what you do ... By acting ... You apply what you know.

Zen ... my vision guided me all martial arts practitioners can use and achieve together in the movement Mind, body, uniting both the internal energy KI. Our body achieve 100% efficiency in each technique. We get control of emotion and calm; It is the power of SHIN-KI-WAZA (Mind, Power, Body)

Zen In Movement or Meditation in Movemet;

is an original discipline of Japan, which seeks to make Moving Meditation at the instant of combat itself, it is the mental state of absolute concentration in combat. It is the moment where we must protect and defend ourselves from any offensive activity involving our survival.