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Zen in Golf


ZEN in movement is the application of the philosofy of Japanese Martial Arts in its phisical, mental and spiritual aspects to obtain control over offensive and defensive techniques.


ZEN in movement is applied to Golf through: Meditation, the union of body, mind, and spirit, reaching the perfect swing tempo, and controlling thoughts throgh breathing techniques to reach a state of mind grounded in the here and now.

 Become a Members Zen in Movement

Become a Members Zen in Movement

Tempo en Golf

 Zen in Movement have four steps

Zen in Movement have four steps

Tempo es el momento exacto

Tempo is the precise moment of the impact in golf where a lot of physical and mental aspects of the swing are present. To have a proficient tempo we must learn to breathe in a way conducive to increasing the Power of our Inner Energy.

To become proficient in our tempo we must utilize four powers which we humans already possess.

1-Mental Power over our Environment (JIPSU), the power to control everything around us in the present moment in order to execute our action in the most precise manner.

2- Our Mental Attitude (SHIN) is our mental control over our EMOTIONS, and also our mental control over our precise movements and physical reactions.


3- Interior Power (KI) – This is the use of the Interior Energy throughout the body in our movements.

The Ki is the Center, the engine, the energy generator, and what powers our physical reactions.

We can control our KI; we can increase its efficiency overtime to be able to in turn improve our physical reactions. This is done through Ki Breathing Exercises.

4- Our Body (WAZA), is the technique used by our bodies to swing the golf club; the technique that we have ingrained in our bodies through previous physical practice.