I am currently offering Zen in Golf sessions. They will show you as the student how to apply this Japanese practice of meditation to your golf game to be able to control those essential emotions in the present moment of playing golf. You will particularly be coached in the control of motion and emotion in the time of your shot, your swing. What you learn in these sessions will also enable you to start applying Zen in general to other areas of your life.



 zeninmovement     Contact to me Ivan Mayor

zeninmovement     Contact to me Ivan Mayor

1- Personalized in my club or your club per:   a- One (1) person, b- two (2) people, c- Fourson four (4) people, d- Eight (8) people.

2- you can run Online via SKYPE. where he will address his mental training.

Contact to me and can help you in your Golf mental and technical


Coaching Zen in Golf Training:

Buy your programs with your group and contact for date y places

1-Two Hour Zen in Golf Training: Cost U$160 each golfer( if can group maximum 4 student).

 Chipping and Approach Trainning

Chipping and Approach Trainning

2- Four Hour Zen in Golf Training: Cost $190 per golfer (Groupmaximum of 4).

3-Coaching at your course or facility: contact me, Ivan Mayor, for arrangements

Contact to me and go to training with your group and area of golf your need work.



Training Site: Grand Palms Golf Club in Pembroke Pines, FL or wherever else arranged.

 Woods Trainning

Woods Trainning

When: Friday mornings 8 am- to noon at Grand Palms and other mornings wherever arranged.

1-Zen Putting  

2-Zen Chipping   

3-Zen Approach Shots    

4-Zen Bunker Play   

5- Zen Iron Shots     

6-Zen Fairway Wood Shots           

7- Zen Driving

 Practice rutina

Practice rutina